Thursday, September 4, 2014

Upcoming Books

Future Books

I've been getting a lot of emails, blog posts, etc., asking about various future projects, so I thought I'd just do a blog post on what I'm working on, and what you can expect to see from me in the months ahead.

Before I get into releases, if any of you are not on my mailing list, I will be doing a serialized novel called The Last Marine.  It is a Crimson Worlds spinoff, and it will be available ONLY on my mailing list (free).  The first installment will be sent out in mid-September, so if you want it, sign up at or just email me directly and I will add you to the list.  I only email the list about new releases, free stuff I'm giving away, or occasionally some kind of sale I'm running, so you won't get spammed with lots of BS.
The next book to be released is the Ten Thousand, which is the sequel to Gehenna Dawn (book 2 of the Portal Wars series).  It will be out sometime in the first half of this month.  After that, I will be releasing The Fall, the final book of the Crimson Worlds series, later this autumn.

Although the Fall completes the original CW storyline, there will be two additional series, Crimson Worlds: Refugees and Crimson Worlds: Successors. 

The Refugees series will probably be a trilogy, and it will follow the fleet that was trapped at the end of To Hell's Heart.  I always intended to pursue this storyline, and many of you have emailed and asked if I planned something like that, so I know a lot of you are interested.  The first book will be called Into the Darkness, and it will be out sometime early next year probably.  I should have a firmer timeframe soon.

The Successors series takes place about 30 years after The Fall and continues the storyline from there.  There will be lots of new characters as well as some old ones.  I don't want to say too much, because I don't want to give out book 9 spoilers, but I am excited about this series.  Book 1 will be called MERCS, and it should be out right around the end of this year or January 2015.

Looking a little farther into 2015, I have a lot planned.  I expect to have considerably more releases in 2015 as various projects reach completion.  Sometime during the year I will be releasing the first book in a new series called The Last War.  It's my take on a near-future WW3 situation.  I will also be (finally) releasing the second book in the Pendragon Chronicles, my Arthurian fantasy series.  Many of you have read the Dragon's Banner, which is about Uther Pendragon.  Book 2 will be about a young Arthur and the struggle to reunited Britannia. 

I have a few more books I'm expecting to release next year as well.  The Empire Chronicles will be a fantasy trilogy loosely based on events in Roman/Byzantine history.  I also have a few more things I'll talk about when they've come together a bit more.  Meanwhile, I'll be posting some sample chapters of things on this blog. 

It should be a busy next 18 months, with lots of new books coming out.

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