Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Crimson Worlds Successors I: MERCS is Now Available

MERCS is the first book of the new Crimson Worlds Successors series has been released on all retailers.  If you preordered it, you should have it already.  If you did not preorder and you want to continue the saga of the Crimson Worlds, it is now available.

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A description of MERCS follows, but first:

If you haven't read Crimson Worlds IX - The Fall yet, pretty much everything to do with MERCS is going to be a spoiler for you.  The Fall is available on all retailers, but if you haven't read it and intend to, you might not want to read this email any farther.

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Earth has been a scarred ruin for three decades, its scattered people struggling to survive amid the poisoned and radioactive wreckage of the final war between its despotic Superpowers.  While the inhabitants of Earth struggle to crawl out of the new dark age, out on the frontier, on a thousand worlds, mankind thrives and grows, building new civilizations and looking boldly to the future.  But man has never been able to live in peace, and even Earth’s sad fate has failed to slow the call to war.

Most of the colonies lack the industry and economic power to sustain their own armies and navies, and they look to the mercenaries of the Great Companies for aid in time of war.  These futuristic condottiere contract themselves to the highest bidder, and the mightiest strike fear into the hearts of all who oppose them.

Darius Cain is the leader of the Black Eagles, the most renowned of all the Companies.  A military genius, he has led his undefeated warriors from victory to victory.  The Eagles command the highest rates of any of the Companies, and leaders bankrupt their worlds to pay the price.

But amid the ruins of Earth and on planets all across occupied space there are signs of a greater darkness, a force working in the shadows, waiting for the right moment to strike, to launch a final war to reduce all mankind to slavery.

As Cain slowly uncovers the truth, he must forge an alliance among old enemies, the other Companies his men have fought for years…and the twin brother he hasn’t seen in a decade.

The Crimson Worlds are about to explode into a war that may be mankind’s last.

COMING JUNE 23, 2015

Crimson Worlds Refugees I:  Into the Darkness

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Terrence Compton is one of Earth’s greatest admirals, a warrior almost without equal.  Alongside his oldest friend and brilliant colleague, Augustus Garret, he and his forces saved Earth from invasion by the robotic legions of the First Imperium’s insane computer Regent.

There is just one problem.  The First Imperium was held back by the destruction of the sole warp gate connecting the two domains…and Compton and 300 of his ships are trapped on the wrong side, surrounded by the Regent’s vast fleets and cut off from Earth.

Pursued by their deadly enemy, Compton and his fleet must flee into the darkness of unexplored space, seeking safety…and ultimately a new home.  Their journey will take them deep into the heart of the First Imperium, to the silent, windswept worlds where the ancient raced that built the Regent once dwelled…and uncover the lost secrets of its disappearance 500,000 years ago.