Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Even Legends Die Print Edition

Even Legends Die is finally available in print.  A bunch of you emailed me to ask, but there was some sort of issue (now resolved) with getting it up on Amazon.

Even Legends Die Print Edition

Sorry for the delay.  Also, remember you can get a free copy of the ebook when you buy the print version through Amazon's Matchbook program.

And thanks to all of you for the way the book has been received.  Perfect 5 star ranking on Amazon (as this is written) and awesome sales.


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Crimson Worlds 8 Released!

Even Legends Die is now available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords (coming shortly on Kobo).  Sorry for the delay (and apologies if I have been less responsive than normal while trying to get this finished).


Barnes and Noble

The final battle has begun…

Gavin Stark, the former head of Alliance Intelligence, and the bitter nemesis of the Marine Corps, has made his bid for power.  The manufactured clone soldiers of his Shadow Legions have seized control of dozens of colony worlds, imposing his brutal rule over millions of colonists.  His plan is no less than to subjugate all mankind under his iron fist.

On Earth, Stark’s manipulations have brought the Superpowers to the brink of war, threatening the Treaty of Paris and its prohibition against terrestrial warfare.  For a century, man had restricted his wars to space, but now the Powers are sliding closer to the brink…the final battle that could kill billions, and turn Earth into a wasteland.

On a few key colony worlds, Erik Cain, Elias Holm, and the remnants of the shattered Marine Corps struggle against Stark’s vast armies…the only hope of turning back the tide of destruction and despair that threatens to engulf all mankind.  They are outnumbered and outgunned, but they will fight nevertheless, standing grimly in the breach, holding back Stark and his dark legions.

The Marines will give their all, fight with the last of their strength and resolve.  But this time the cost will be too high to bear, too personal.  Even Marines need their heroes, their legends.  But even legends die. 

The Crimson Worlds Series:

Crimson Worlds I:  Marines
Crimson Worlds II:  The Cost of Victory
Crimson Worlds III:  A Little Rebellion
Crimson Worlds IV:  The First Imperium
Crimson Worlds V:  The Line Must Hold
Crimson Worlds VI:  To Hell’s Heart
Crimson Worlds VII:  The Shadow Legions
Crimson Worlds VIII:  Even Legends Die

Coming Autumn 2014:
Crimson Worlds XI:  The Fall