Monday, September 1, 2014

Hey, I'm back posting.  I know it's been a while, and I hope you have all had a nice summer.  I just wanted to catch up on a few things.

First, Portal Wars II:  The Ten Thousand will be out very shortly.  I originally intended to release it in August, but I held it back to do some tinkering.  As always, I'd rather get it to all of you as the best book I can make it, and if that means letting a deadline slip, that's what I'm going to do.  You all deserve the highest quality I can manage, and I will always do all I can to ensure you get it.  I will, of course, announce here (and on the email list) when it is available.

Second, I was invited to participate in a big collection along with some very successful space opera writers.  A lot of you have probably read some of their stuff, but if you haven't, there are some good books in there.  I've contributed Marines, which I suspect most of you have already read, but there are nine other books in the collection, plus tons of bonus material.  My bonus is The Gates of Hell, one of my prequel novellas.  If you haven't read it, this is a chance to pick it up along with 2,200 pages of great space opera.  Gates of Hell is the highest rated thing I've written (4.8 stars on Amazon).

The Collection is called Stars and Empire, and it is available for pre-sale now at a hugely discounted price of just 99 cents (the book comes out September 16).  If you're interested in taking a closer look, it's live on all the retailers.

Barnes and Noble

Third, if any of you are not on my mailing list, I will be releasing a serialized novel called The Last Marine.  It is a Crimson Worlds spinoff, and it will be available ONLY on my mailing list (free).  The first installment will be sent out in mid-September, so if you want it, sign up at or just email me directly and I will add you.

I'm going to be more disciplined about posting on this blog, so you should see a lot more of me here.  Also, if you email me and don't get a reply, resend your email.  I try to answer everything, but it is possible that one or two slip by when the volume is high.  I DO want to answer, so if you haven't gotten an answer in a day or two, feel free to resend.

I've got lots of other news coming up, including something I can't discuss quite yet, and the future of the Crimson Worlds saga after book 9 comes out later this fall.  So stay tuned.

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