Thursday, October 25, 2012

Prequel Novellas

This is a great time to be writing fiction.  New technologies allow a closer interaction with readers, which is an amazing thing.  Of course it is (and always has been) nice to get good reviews, but it is another thing again to get emails with specific feedback from readers...what they liked, what they want to see more of in upcoming works.  The ability to feasibly offer shorter works also allows a lot more flexibility in how a story is told.

I've had a number of people email and say they'd like to see some side stories set around the main Crimson Worlds storyline.  As it happens, I had done some work on something very much like this, so I decided to take a couple weeks away from finishing book three to polish one of these and throw it out there.  It should be available in about a week, and I will be offering it free to members of my mailing list (you can join at

There will be at least three in all, and each will be a prequel novella covering the earlier life and career of one of the Crimson Worlds characters.  The first features Darius Jax, and the next two will be about General Holm and Admiral Garret. They will all be outside the main storyline, so a reader who just wants the novels will not be affected.  But those who want a little more on where these characters came from will have the option.

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  1. I am an avid reader, at least 1 book a week, suprise a 71 year old senior, mainly adventure stories. I have never enjoyed 2 book as much as your first two,,, my heart felt thanks, they were great reading! can't wait for more of your exceiting style and skill with the pen. Keep it up. Most informative and and enjoyable.
    Butch Eisenberg, West Palm Beach Fl