Sunday, October 18, 2015

Shadows of the Gods (Refugees Book II) Available

Shadows of the Gods is available at all retailers in both print and ebook.  The audiobook is in development by Audible, and it will be available soon.

Shadows of the Gods on Amazon
Shadows of the Gods on Barnes and Noble
Shadows of the Gods on Kobo
Shadows of the Gods on iBooks
Shadows of the Gods in Print

The Fleet Fights On…

Deeper.  Farther into the black unknown of space.  There is no other path, no way for the lost to go, save forward.  Admiral Terrance Compton’s fleet is cut off from Earth, deep in the heart of the enemy First Imperium.  A third of his people have died in the year his force had been fleeing from its enemies, but he is as determined as ever to find a new home for his people, a way to save his wartorn fleet

His people are running low on everything—food, ammunition, fuel, and the brutal enemy is in relentless pursuit, marshaling all its vast resources to track down and destroy the human refugees.  Compton must find a way to replenish his dwindling stores, while avoiding the massive enemy forces hunting his fleet from system to system.

Compton seeks an escape, a refuge for his exhausted spacers from the relentless pursuit of their enemies.  But they are about to find far more than that, as they discover the truth of the distant past, and a glimpse of a new future that lies before them.  What they learn will shake all they believe…and force them to reconsider who they are.  And what victory would look like.

The fight has just begun…and the stakes are even higher than any of them had imagined.

If you haven't read Refugees Book I:  Into the Darkness yet, now is the time.  The first book in the new Refugees series has almost one hundred reviews on Amazon and a 4.7 cumulative rating.  It is available now in print, ebook, and audiobook formats.  Audible did the audiobook, and I can't believe how well it came out!

Into the Darkness at Amazon (kindle, print, audio)
Into the Darkness at Barnes and Noble
Into the Darkness at Kobo
Into the Darkness at iBooks 

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