Monday, October 6, 2014

Crimson Worlds IX Preorder Now Available on BN and All Retailers

The Last Marine

I will be doing a serialized novel called The Last Marine.  It is a Crimson Worlds spinoff, and it will be available ONLY on my mailing list (free).  The first installment will be sent out on October 7, so if you want it, sign up at or just email me directly and I will add you to the list.  I only email the list about new releases, free stuff I'm giving away, or occasionally some kind of sale I'm running, so you won't get spammed with lots of BS.


Crimson Worlds IX:  The Fall Now Available for Pre-order on All Retailers

The Fall Preorder at Amazon
The Fall Preorder at BN
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The Fall Preorder at Apple

The Epic Conclusion to the Crimson Worlds Series…

Erik Cain is the hero of the Marine Corps, a celebrated warrior who has led his grim veterans into every war the Alliance and mankind have faced.  But now he has left the Corps, driven to near madness by an overwhelming need for vengeance.  He has sworn to kill Gavin Stark, the madman responsible for his mentor’s death and, with a small band of dedicated followers, he is pursuing his prey across occupied space.
Meanwhile, on a dozen colony worlds, Marines land to face the occupying forces of Stark’s Shadow Legions.  They are supported by the Janissaries, their longtime enemies, now turned allies, but they are exhausted and outnumbered, facing a vastly superior enemy entrenched and waiting for them.  But they are veterans, Marines and Janissaries both, men and women who have battled the armies of the First Imperium and lived to tell the tale.  They know what is at stake, and they are determined to prevail, even if none of them come back. 
And on Earth, the economic collapse Stark engineered has shattered the Treaty of Paris and its century-long prohibition against terrestrial warfare.  Millions are already dead as the war between the Superpowers spreads across the Earth, a growing conflagration that could end in apocalyptic nuclear, chemical, and biological exchanges between the powers.
Will mankind live under the iron boot of Gavin Stark and his clone descendants forever?  Or will Erik Cain and the Marines defeat him once and for all?
The Crimson Worlds Series:

Marines (Crimson Worlds I)
The Cost of Victory (Crimson Worlds II)
A Little Rebellion (Crimson Worlds III)
The First Imperium (Crimson Worlds IV)
The Line Must Hold (Crimson Worlds V)
To Hell’s Heart (Crimson Worlds VI)
The Shadow Legions (Crimson Worlds VII)
Even Legends Die (Crimson Worlds VIII)
War Stories (3 Crimson Worlds Prequels)

Also by Jay Allan:

Gehenna Dawn (Portal Wars I)
The Ten Thousand (Portal Wars II)
The Dragon's Banner (Pendragon Chronicles I)

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