Friday, May 10, 2013

Red Team Alpha

A couple months ago I sent a message to my email list about reviews.  I've always been uncomfortable badgering readers to write reviews but, of course, reviews are very helpful.  Then I read an article about an author who agreed to write an additional section to a book if she got a certain number of reviews.

I loved the idea.  It's a great way for an author to show appreciation to readers willing to take the time to leave a review on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.  So I told my list I'd write a Crimson Worlds short story and send it out free if Marines hit 125 reviews by the end of April.  I was reminded by a couple readers not to forget reviews left on the Amazon UK, Germany, France, Canada, etc, sites, and I certainly count those as well.

We hit the goal by the end of April, so I will be sending the story out.  It's going to be called Red Team Alpha, and I have an outline done.  I'm going to finish up Crimson Worlds V first, but then I will write the short story and send it out.

If any of you who visit my blog aren't on the mailing list, you may want to join.  I only send out release announcements or some other kind of significant news, and I do end up sending out a fair amount of free stuff.  Anyone who wants to join can do it at

With a little luck, I'll have Bitter Glory (prequel novella #2) out in another 7-10 days and The Line Must Hold (CW 4) sometime in June instead of July.  Those are speculative dates, so don't hold me to them, but they look good right now.

And thank you all for 75,000 Crimson Worlds books sold!


  1. Hehe nice speculative dates ;) damn, something must have gone wrong when I signed up to your email list because I havn't recieved any emails! haha, can't wait for CW V

  2. Oh also.. hehe 'The Line Mist Hold' :P just pointing that typo out man! Not being rude or anything.. intentionally anyway...

  3. You like my lawyerly release date talk, Hayden? Lol.

    Thanks for the the typo.

    Also, if you aren't getting any emails from the list, send me an email at and I'll add you manually.