Thursday, April 11, 2013

Dragon's Banner on Sale for 99 Cents

Just a note that the Dragon's Banner is on sale at Amazon for a week for 99 cents (reg. $4.99).  Most of you know I write a lot of military science fiction, but The Dragon's Banner is my first foray into fantasy (though it's pretty gritty and militaristic, I guess!).

Dragon's Banner at Amazon

Also, just a note about Crimson Worlds IV: The First Imperium.  I appreciate all the email from you guys who are excited about the book.  It is immensely gratifying.  The book is done and should be available by Monday.  I made a few last minute tweaks, mostly to smooth the transition to book 5 (The Line Must Hold), which is very much a continuation of the same storyline.

I'll post here and send and an email to the list when it is live on the retailers.